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Sales Tax - Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a vehicle to fix up, but I don't want to plate it. Do I still have to pay Sales Tax right away?

State statutes require that sales tax be paid within 50 days from the date of purchase to avoid penalties and interest. Even if you have no intentions of registering your vehicle right away, the sales tax must be paid within this amount of time to avoid penalties and interest.

I can't afford to pay my sales tax and license plates for my new car, can I get an extension?

The state does not offer extensions. Other ways you can lessen the initial blow of taxes and licensing:

  1. Only pay the sales tax and title fees, and then wait to plate the car until you have more money.
  2. Transfer current plates from a car you sold, or got rid of. There may be some credit available from those plates that will help lower the cost of your new plates.
  3. Some people have been including the amount of their sales tax in the financing of the vehicle. While this may not be the best financial plan, some people have been doing it to save the initial cost of sales tax.

How much Sales Tax will I have to pay?

Sales Tax for Platte County is 6% of the purchase price of the vehicle. You can subtract rebates and trade-in value. We also do not include any dealer handling or documentation fees.

I bought my vehicle outside of Platte County, do I have to pay the sales tax percentage from where I purchased it?

You pay the percentage of sales tax based on where you live, not where you purchased the vehicle, with the exception of Motorcycles, ATV's, MPV's, and boats. The dealerships will collect sales tax on those items. However, you will still have to show proof that the sales tax was collected at the dealer before you can get your title.

I just won a vehicle from a raffle; do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Pursuant to the Wyoming Department of Revenue, State Board of Equalization vs. Welch – a winner of a raffle is not liable for sales tax because they are a 3rd party to the sale.

How long can I drive on the title or bill of sale before paying sales tax and registration?

If you have the title that is signed and notarized over to you:

    Vehicles may be operated by the transferee for a thirty (30) day period when accompanied by a properly executed title for the vehicle transferring interest in the vehicle to the transferee. In English, that means that as long as the title has been signed over to you properly and has been notarized, you can drive on the title alone for 30 days from the notary date.

If you do not have the title, and only have a notarized bill of sale:

    Vehicles may be operated by the transferee for a forty-five (45) day period when accompanied by a notarized bill of sale. In English, this means that if you have a bill of sale that is notarized, signing that vehicle over to you, then you can drive on that bill of sale alone for 45 days.

Note: Proof of insurance is required to operate a vehicle in Wyoming.

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