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Platte County Assessor's Office General Information

Key Terminology

Fair Market Value: The amount of money a well informed buyer would pay and a well informed seller would accept for property that has been on the market for a reasonable amount of time, assuming neither buyer nor seller is acting under pressure.

Assessed Value: Taxable value of each property. This value is calculated by multiplying the fair market value by the level of assessment.

Level of Assessment: The percentage of the fair market value that determines assessed value. The current levels are 11.5% for industrial properties and 9.5% for all other properties.

Mill: One tenth of one cent. Mills are distributed to County entities and districts during each budget year. The county receives a certain amount of mills each year based upon the County's total assessed value.

Real Property: Land and improvements (buildings and structures) permanently affixed to the land.

Personal Property: Material assets that are not fixed to the land such as furniture, machinery, equipment, and transportable homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Field Appraisal?

According to Wyoming State Statutes, every parcel must be physically inspected once every four years. To accomplish this, we break the county into quarters and inspect one quarter every year. We look for changes in buildings, and the physical condition of all structures. This is done to keep our records as up to date as possible. If we cannot access a property to physically inspect it, we are still required to appraise it to the best of our abilities. This brings us to using our best judgment, usually from across a street or pasture. This is not the preferred method, nor the best way to get accurate information. Thus, we appreciate the cooperation of land and property owners when we come to visit to ensure a correct assessment. If a property owner has questions, they are always free to ask them. While we are at a parcel, we are only gathering information, not setting a value. We cannot give a dollar amount in the field since there are many factors which contribute to a fair market value.

Why does my tax bill have another person's name on it?

Property owner information is gathered each year on December 31st. The data collected is then used to generate tax bills and notices of assessment, which means if a property is sold or transferred between December 31st, and the time the bills are generated, they may not reflect the most up-to-date information. If a bill is not in your name, it does not mean you are not the owner of record.

I don't think my property's assessed or fair market value is correct, what can I do?

To protest the assessed or fair market value of a property, the owner must come to the Assessor's Office no later than 30 days past the post-mark of the original notice and follow the correct procedures.

How can I get a veteran's exemption?

All veterans are entitled to receive an exemption for certain services according to Wyoming State Statutes. To qualify for the exemption, a DD-214 form must first be recorded in the County Clerk's Office at no charge (this only has to be done once). Once the DD-214 is recorded, each veteran must then register for their exemption each year in the County Assessor's Office. If the veteran owns real property, the exemption will be applied to their next tax bill.

What is the deadline to file for my veterans exemption?

The deadline to file for a veterans exemption is the fourth Monday in May of every year.

What kind of exemption will I get if I file?

The veteran's exemption can be applied either to vehicle registration fees or for property taxes. An exempt veteran will receive approximately $90 off of vehicle registration fees or $250 off of their property taxes. The exemption may only be used once per year.

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