Business PPE

Wyoming Business PPE Initiative

Wyoming has limited funds to provide for the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to eligible businesses around the state. Due to current supply chain impacts, supplies may be limited and we do not have an exact date on when the PPE will be delivered to you. Please fill out the attached survey so we may obtain an accurate count and schedule distribution. Supplies are on a first come/first served basis as supplies are limited.

Supplies you may be receiving are:
Masks - will be based on the type of business
Nitrile gloves
1 gallon of hand sanitizer
1 gallon of sanitizing spray concentrate or package of sanitizing wipes (availability may be limited)

Due to the high number of requests, we are sending the same items to each business. If you find you cannot use something we send you, please share it within your community.

We ask that each business coordinate their response to ensure that only a single request is submitted per business. If you received PPE supplies in the previous initiatives, you may order again. We will fill first time requestors first and, if there are supplies still available, we will fill additional requests based on the date your 3rd order was received. Hospitals will need to contact their county Emergency Manager for PPE supplies. The WY Education Department will work with schools on PPE plans for reopening so please do not submit requests for schools at this time.

We will contact the requester through email and keep them updated on the status of ordering and delivery. We are anticipating sometime mid-August for deliveries. The PPE will be delivered to your county and distribution or pick up may occur through either the local Emergency Manager, Public Health office or local Chamber of Commerce.

Please note that this is NOT a guaranteed distribution and you should not cancel any previous order you may have placed through other sources. All communications or questions can be emailed to