2021 Resolutions

Below are resolutions that have been digitized by the Platte County Clerk's Office. These images are not the official record of County Resolutions. The official record of County Resolutions is contained in the Official Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners, which are available for public inspection in the Office of the County Clerk.

2021-1 Investment Policy

2021-2 Direct Deposit

2021-3 Declaring An Emergency

2021-4 A Resolution Supporting the Protection of Rights

2021-5 FY22 Budget Amendment

2021-6 Declaring a Fire Ban

2021-7 Update to Personnel Policies

2021-8 Budget Adoption

2021-9 Authorizing A Countywide Consensus Grant Application

2021-10 Update to Personnel Policies

2021-11 Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule

2021-12 MRG Application for Courthouse Elevator

2021-13 CDBG Application for 16th Street

2021-14 Opposing Executive Order 14008

2021-15 Rescinding the Fire Ban

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