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What is the Veteran's Exemption?

  • The State of Wyoming Legislature budgets funding to assist Veterans of foreign wars in paying their property taxes.
  • The County Assessor's Office administers the exemption based on statute and Department of Revenue Rules & Regulations.
  • Each Veteran, or widow of a qualifying veteran, must appear in person at their local County Assessor's Office to complete the initial application. 

Veterans Exemption Claim Form

Who Qualifies?

  • Veterans who are Wyoming residents for a minimum of three years preceding qualifying for the benefit. 
  • Veterans who have written documentation of honorable discharge (DD-214 or equivalent) from active duty military service. 
  • Qualifying dates per W.S. 39-11-105(a)(xxiv) are:
    • 12/07/1941 - 12/31/1946
    • 06/27/1950 - 1/31/1955
    • 02/28/1961 - 05/07/1975


  • Served during an armed conflict and received the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM) or equivalent.

Veterans Exemption Qualifying Medals

  • A disabled Veteran with a compensable service related disability certified by the Veterans administration.

Veterans Administration Verification Form

How Can the Exemption Be Used?

  • The exemption may be used on property tax and it reduces the assessed valuation by $3000 annually. The tax dollar amount varies depending on the mill levy for each tax district, the approximate amount is $200.00.
  • The Veteran or the Veteran's spouse MUST contact their local County Assessor's office each year before the 4th Monday in May to renew their application. 
  • County fees for licensing a vehicle (not sales tax) may be reduced by $3000 assessed dollars annually. More than one vehicle may qualify, not to exceed a total of $90.00 per year.