County and Towns

Press Release

Statement from Government Officials in Platte County

The Platte County Board of Commissioners and Mayors of the Towns of Wheatland, Guernsey, Chugwater, Glendo, and Hartville are working in conjunction with Platte County Emergency Management, Platte County Public Health, County Health Officer, and our local hospital and health care facilities to respond in a timely and concerted effort to the COVID-19 emergency that has threatened the great state of Wyoming. We understand and share the concerns of Platte County residents. We assure you we are already fully engaged in the coordinated efforts being done at every level, and we support the expertise of our local and state health agencies.

We hope our good citizens are exercising the appropriate precautions and engaging in good neighborliness to help us get through these difficult times. Please refer to for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information in Platte County.

Sandy Kontour, Platte County Commissioner

Steve Shockley, Platte County Commissioner

Ian Jolovich, Platte County Commissioner

Brandon Graves, Mayor - Wheatland

Nick Paustian, Mayor - Guernsey

Susan Juschka, Mayor - Glendo

Lisa Redding, Mayor - Chugwater

Mark Flohr, Mayor - Hartville

Town of Wheatland - doors closed but in the offices - call

Town of Glendo - closed to the public - appointments only

Town of Hartville - email or call and leave a message

Town of Chugwater - open as usual (but hardly anybody ever comes in)

Town of Guernsey - doors closed, call for an appointment

Platte County 

The courthouse is open and operating during normal business hours, but some individual offices have their doors closed. Please observe the instructions posted for individual offices.

If you can transact your business by phone, online, or via a drop box, please do so.

If you need to come to our offices, please engage in social distancing.

Finally, if you meet any of the following criteria, stay home:

1. Visited China, Iran, South Korea, any European countries, or any other high-risk countries identified by the CDC in the previous 14 days;

2. Resided with or been in close contact with someone who has been in any of those countries within the previous 14 days;

3. Traveled domestically within the United States where COVID-19 has sustained widespread community transmission;

4. Been asked to self-quarantine by any doctor, hospital, or health agency;

5. Been diagnosed with or have had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;

6. A fever, cough or shortness of breath.

If you have an urgent need for services that cannot be dealt with remotely, and you fall under any of the above criteria, call the department you need to deal with and they will do everything possible to assist you.