Platte County Memorial Hospital Updated Visitor Restrictions

Visiting hours – 8:00am-6:00pm

Visit Parameters

  • All visitors must pass our general health screening process to include temperature and other symptom checks; anyone that fails the screening will not be allowed to visit
  • Visitors are required to bring their own mask and will remain masked at all time while in the facility; should a visitor show up without a mask a donated mask would be provided with instruction to return it when leaving the facility
  • Visitors will be provided information re: proper masking and hand hygiene expectations
  • Visitors are to go immediately to the patient room and are not allowed in other parts of our facilities – cafeteria, general waiting rooms/spaces, common spaces, etc.
  • PCMH is not putting specific limitation times on the single visitors but will monitor impact and adjust as needed

Restrictions by population:

  • OB
    • 1 Visitor each day
    • Doulas permitted for delivery with successful health screening and own PPE; Doulas required to leave facility promptly after birth
    • One visitor to accompany at 6 month (gender) ultrasound - must have own PPE

  • Minor
    • No change – one visitor per day, can be different person each day

  • Elective Outpatient Surgery/Procedure/Ambulatory Svc
    • No change – no visitors/companions
    • Exception – patients with serious cognitive/communication challenges where not having their care provider would substantially impact our ability to care for the patient
    • Exception – patients that traveled far distances 50+ miles can have a companion wait for them within specifically identified facility waiting spaces subject to general visitor conditions
    • Exception - At PCMH we will allow one screened visitor to enter during surgical discharge to receive instruction with patient and accompany patient out to vehicle with relevant staff

  • Inpatients
    • One visitor/day
    • Exception – no visitors for transmission precaution patients

  • End of Life
    • One visitor/day
      • Exceptions to grant more than one visitor per day can be discussed with staff who can ask leadership for approval.
  • Banner Health Clinics- See Elective Outpatient Surgery/Procedure/Ambulatory Svc