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Welcome To The Platte County Assessor's Office

Assessor's Statement:

It is the statutory duty of the Assessor’s Office to locate, identify and value all taxable property (real property and personal property used by businesses). To accomplish this, we use industry-accepted mass appraisal procedures and methodologies. Our office strives to value properties accurately, fairly, and uniformly according to guidelines from Wyoming Statutes and the Wyoming Department of Revenue.

Taxation is a complex and unpopular subject. Understanding the statutory requirements of this office and your rights as a property owner may help in relieving these concerns. I believe in your right to be an informed citizen. Providing you with information regarding all aspects of the assessment process is a priority. My staff and I are committed to providing fair treatment to all, starting with the manner in which you are greeted when you contact the office. We strive to ensure that the best available information is being used when determining the value of the property.

The Assessor does not establish the dollar amount of taxes nor does the Assessor bill or collect taxes. The County Treasurer is responsible for billing and collecting taxes. The taxpayers, state limitations, and assessed values determine the tax rate for each district.

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