Been Exposed? Have Symptoms? Need Tested?

What to do if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19?

¿Qué hacer si estuvo expuesto a alguien con COVID-19?

Suspect you might have COVID-19? Use the Banner Health Symptom Checker.

Still uncertain? Call (don't visit) your healthcare provider.

What About Testing?

Banner (Platte County Memorial Hospital) does have tests. Please call before you go see them so you don’t expose others. They can screen you over the phone for symptoms and the criteria that is required for testing. They will guide you from there. If you are sick (with anything) stay home unless you are having a TRUE medical emergency.
Don’t be misinformed.

From Banner: If you believe you are exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 it is recommended you first contact your medical provider.

Platte County Memorial Hospital has the ability to test and has test kits available for patients exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19. CDC guidelines and protocols require limiting testing strictly to patients who exhibit a specific criteria. You can learn more at