Code Red FAQ's

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Code Red FAQ's
How do I sign up for Code Red?

Sign up for Code Red Here


I hear that Code Red does texts and emails, too. Is that correct?

Yes. When you sign up you can indicate whether you want texts and emails, too. 

Do I need to change my information in Code Red if I move?

Yes, it is important for the Code Red database to have your correct address. Not all notices go out to the whole county. Some are geographically limited. Therefore having your correct address in the Code Red database is very important.

How can I know what address Code Red has for me?

If you are uncertain what address is tied to your phone number, it is best to go in to the Code Red entry page and re-enter your information.

How do I change my Code Red information?

Go to the Code Red entry page and enter your information as if you are entering it for the first time. It will overwrite any information keyed to your phone number.

With all the spam calls going on now, how will I know that a call is from Code Red so that I can answer it?

Calls from Code Red come from 866-419-5000 or from 855-969-4636. Texts come from 470-219-3914. If you program these numbers into your phone as Code Red, you will be able to identify genuine Code Red calls.

What is a Managed Account?

There are two kinds of Managed Accounts, a single sign-on account and a regular managed account.

To create a single sign-on account, click the button
next to “Yes” and click the corresponding logo to
the credentials you would like to use, either Google,
Facebook or Twitter. You will be prompted to log into
your account to permit access.

To create a managed account, click the button next
to “Yes” and create a username and password. Please
be sure to record this information for later use.
(username: 6 characters or more, password: 8)
You will not have another option to create an account
later in the form, or have the ability to log back in and
update your contact information at a later date.

Single Sign-on
If I do a Single Sign-on, will I have to re-register with CodeRED?

No, this will only affect new CodeRED registrations. All current accounts will remain the same

Will this impact my current registration?

No, existing accounts will not be affected by this new feature, only new registrations.

Does using my Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account credentials impact the security of my account?

No, these trusted partners will maintain a higher level of security for your information. CodeRED will not have access to your information through these additional platforms. Our support team will not be able to access account details once an account is created through a Gmail, Facebook or Twitter credential. Important note: If you forget your password, CodeRED will not be able to recover it for you.

Will CodeRED have access to any of my personal information in these accounts?

No, your information will be kept secure and CodeRED will not have access into your Gmail, Twitter or Facebook account details.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget or misplace your password you will need to go to the platform you selected—Gmail, Facebook or Twitter—and reset your password. Once you do so, you will be able to access your CodeRED registration with the new password you create. This is an important detail to tell residents because once they register with Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, we will not be able to reset their password or access it for them.

Once created, how do I edit my contact information for the CodeRED service?

If you register with Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to edit your own information by logging into the system with one of these three trusted partners.