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Planning & Zoning FAQ's

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Do I need a Building Certificate?

Maybe. A Building Certificate is required for any structure built, placed or erected within Platte County, outside of any Town limits.

However, your structure may be exempt from needing a Building Certificate if all four of the following exceptions are met:

  1. Total construction costs are less than $50,000;
  2. Total square footage of the structure is less than, or equal to, 2,500 square feet;
  3. The structure is not used for human habitation; and
  4. Permitting for a well or septic permit is not required for the project.

If any of those four exceptions apply to your structure then you are required to obtain a Building Certificate.

If you are unsure call the Planner at 307-322-2962. 

How do I apply for septic and well permits?

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Water Quality Division issues septic system permits. 

Septic Permits: DEQ Septic System Permitting

The State Engineer’s Office issues well permits.

Well Permits: State Engineer's Office Well System Permitting

How do I apply for a Building Certificate?

If your structure requires a septic or well permit it is always important to apply for those permits before applying for a Building Certificate.

Building Certificate Application is located under the Applications section of the Planning & Zoning page.

What needs to be on the site plan?

  • Property boundaries
  • Streets/roads/highways
  • Access location (driveway)
  • Location of all existing structures
  • Proposed location of the new structure or addition and building dimensions
  • Septic and leach field location (proposed or existing)
  • Well location (proposed or existing)
  • North arrow

These plans can be hand-drawn or professional renderings.

How do I apply for an encroachment on a County Road or a State Highway?

Platte County Roads: In order to encroach on a County Road you will need to apply for an encroachment through the Road and Bridge office.

State Highways: In order to encroach on a State Highway you will need to apply through the WYDOT Right-Of-Way office. 

What happens after I submit my zoning/building certificate application?

Once your building certificate application has been submitted to the Planning Office it will then be reviewed to determine whether more information is needed, whether proper DEQ and State Engineer permits have been obtained, and to determine whether the proposed structure is a conforming structure in the zoning district where the building will be constructed. Once the Planning Office determines that you have submitted a complete application and that the structure will be legal to build, the application is then presented to the Platte County Commissioners for their approval. The Platte County Commissioners meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, which means the time from submitting the application to approval is usually only a few of weeks.

What do I do if I have questions?

The Planning Office is available to answer any questions you may have about development in Platte County.


Mail: 600 9th Street, Wheatland, WY 82201

Office: 307-322-2962

In-person:  Wheatland Town Hall (600 9th Street, Wheatland)