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County Road Classification List

County Road Classification Printer Friendly Copy

NOTE:This list is based upon roads for which the county has erected road name signs in the past, and for which we endeavor to keep signs in stock. This is not meant to be a complete list of every road in the county, including state highways, subdivision roads and private roads. Any road not on this categorized list should be considered as a NON-COUNTY road. On multi-category roads, numbers are Mile Posts.

Meadowdale Road

Road NameCategoryRemarks
Airport Road1Guernsey, old State Highway 26
Antelope Drive6Subdivision road in Y-O Ranch Estates
Antelope Gap Road6/4State Highway to mp10.5, co. next 2 mi.east
0.0 to 11.9 WYDOT, 11.9 to14.2 co. easement
Aspen Drive6Subdivision road
Ayers Road2Major artery on Wheatland Flats
Badger Road2
Bard Road6Private road along Chugwater Creek
Battle Road3Little traffic, one residence, well graveled
Beaver Road6Rick Tracts subdivision road
Bellis Road2Major artery, well-graveled, power plant traffic
Birch Drive6
Blue Rock Road2South of Chugwater
Bluffs Road6WYDOT road along I-25 at Chugwater
Bluffview Road2
Bobcat Road6Subdivision
Bordeaux Road1,2Paved for 5 mi. from I-25, gravel in middle, paved
0.0—5.5 paved, 5.5—9.0 gravel, 9.0—12.2 paved
Brittany Road2L-shaped, between Normandy and Bordeaux Rds.
Brookie Road2
Brookside Road2Major collector road, S of Wheatland
Brown Road6Rick Tracts subdivision
Brush Creek Road3Little traffic, light maintenance
Buckskin Road3Slater flats, seldom used
Bull’s Bend
Off NE corner of Cassa Road loop, little used
Butner Road4
Cascade Trail6Subdivision road
Cassa Road26-mi. loop S of Glendo, E of I-25
Cedartop Road3Very light traffic, 2 or 3 residences
Coleman Road2
Collins Road3Very little need for maintenance
Cooney Hills Road2Foothills, several residences, moderate traffic
Cottonwood Road2Subdivision Road
Coyote Drive6
Cozad Road2Not currently a thru road, light use
Deadhead Creek Road3A half-mile long, S off of State Highway 34
Deer Creek Road1
Diamond Road1,3Mostly paved w/last mile of gravel, little traffic.
0.0—7.5 paved, 7.5—8.5 gravel, 8.5 on, not graded
Dickenson Hill Road3Drops into Goshen Hole, little traffic
0.0—1.0 paved, 1.0 to 2.75 gravel
Drake Road1,2W mi. is paved, other 2 are not
Dwyer Road2
E. Bear Creek Road1Paved, but little traffic
E. Cole Road1
E. El Rancho Road3Little use, 2 residences, farm ground access
E. Fairview Road1Heavy traffic, many residences, collector road
E. Havely Road2S Slater flats
E. Hunton Creek Road3Little use, light traffic
E. Johnson Road2Connector between I-25 and State Highway 320
E. Laramie River Road2‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
E. Oak Road1E side of Wheatland, farm to market
E. Wood Road6
Emigrant Hill Road3,4Limited maintenance due to National Guard range
0.0 to 3.75 gravel, 3.75 to 11.7 NG, 11.2 to 12,7
graded, gravel, through subdivision
Ferguson Road6/2State Highway, except for S ¾ mile
Fish Creek Road1,2I-25 going W 8.5 mi. paved, rest gravel, foothills
0.0 to 8.5 paved, 8.5 to 13.6 gravel
Flat Top Road3Light traffic, Meadowdale area.
Fletcher Park Road1,2Paved to Van Ortwick Hill Road, gravel to Co. line
8.1 to 17.6 gravel, 17.6 to 25.5 paved
Fort Laramie Road2Exits E side of county, off S Guernsey Road
Front Road1
Gibson Road3Little use, light traffic
Glendo Park Road1Extremely high traffic volume all summer
Goodrich Road1/2Major artery on Wheatland flats, W 1 ½ paved
0.0 to 3.0 gravel, 3.0 to 4.5 paved
Goshen Hole Road5Landowner understanding to leave it alone
Grange Road1,2Major artery, center paved, gravel on both ends
0.0 to 3.0 gravel, 3.0 to 9.0 paved, 9.0 to 9.9 gravel
Grayrocks Road1W end power plant traffic
Halleck Canyon Road2Light traffic, ends at Flying X Guest Ranch
Happy Hollow Road2S of Chugwater
Harris Park Road2Main route for mountain traffic from west
Hartville Highway6State Highway
Harvey Road3Slater Flats, little traffic
Highline Road4Little use, no traffic to speak of.
Hightower Road6/2Mostly State Highway, S 3 miles county gravel.
4.5 to 8.5 WYDOT, 8.5 to 10.0 no road, 10.0 to
13.0 county gravel
Hill Drive6
Holloway Road6Rick Tracts Subdivision road
Horseshoe Creek Road1,3Paved to upper Horseshoe Creek Crossing
0.0 to 10.3 paved, 10.3 to 15.3 (c/l) gravel
Horton Road3Local farm traffic, light volume
Huston Road4No maintenance, almost no traffic, rancher use
Highway 266WYDOT – signed as “N. Wheatland Hwy”
Highway 2706WYDOT – North from Hartville to Manville
Highway 346WYDOT – To Bosler Junction
Hydro Circle6Guernsey State Park road
Iron Mountain Road1,2Paved for 5.5 miles, then gravel to co. line
I-25 to mp 1.5 WYDOT, 1.5 to 13.9 county gravel
JJ Road1,3Paved first mile, then occasional grading of dirt
0.0 to 1.3 paved 1.3 to 7.4 (c/l) county gravel/dirt
Jackrabbit Road6
Jefferson Road2East-West collector, Wheatland Flats
Jireh Road4From 270 to co. line, light traffic.
Kennedy Road2Between Antelope Gap Road and East Oak Road
Kessler Road4
Kindom Road2Only County Road in Rick Tracts Subsdivision
Kittell Road3Light volume ranch traffic, requires less maint.
Lakeside Drive1One mile of pavement, then State Park road
Lakeshore Drive1Glendo Park cabin area
Lakeview Drive6Lakeview North subdivision
Lancer Road4No maintenance for many years, Chugwater area
Lone Tree Road6WYDOT
Main Drive1,2Agreement re:current R & B shop, Y O subdivision
0.0 to 0.2 paved, 0.2 to 0.5 gravel
Marble Road3Very little traffic, since closing of marble quarry
Meadow Lane6Subdivision Road, S off of W. Frontage Road

2Substantial summertime Glendo Lake traffic
Miller Road3One mile, north from Wendover Road, terminates
Moose Road6Y O Subdivision—name sign only
Mountain Drive6Name sign only
Mule Creek Road6Private ranch road, name sign only
Museum Road6Guernsey State Park road
Newell Road6Guernsey State Park road
No Name Road3South from Hwy. 26, (our nickname for it)
Normandy Road2
Notch Road4No Maintenance, no traffic, except local ranchers
N. Antelope Creek Road3One residence, little traffic, seldom worked
N. Buckskin Road4Slater flats, wheat farm traffic only
N. County Line Road2
N. CS Road4Chugwater flats, local farms only
N. Dwyer Road2Ranchers and RR traffic
N. Elkhorn Creek Road2Northernmost road in Platte County
N. Front Road2
N. Glendo Highway6WYDOT
N. Hightower Road1Former State between W. Fairview and Fletcher Pk.
N. Pioneer Road6WYDOT
N. Red Fox Road2Heavy traffic, farm to market collector road
N. Ringneck Road2Heavy farm traffic, power plant traffic
N. Wheatland Hwy6WYDOT, Hwy 320, to Dwyer area
Oak Street6City street, becomes E. Oak Road, 1 ½ mi. of co.
Olson Road2Local connector, heavy feed operation traffic
Orchard Road1,2One mi. paved, ½ mi. gravel
0.0 to 1.0 paved, 1.0 to 1.6 gravel
Owens Drive6
Palmer Canyon Road1Collector Road, very busy, farm to market
Patten Creek Road2Local connector road, State 270 to Glendo Pk. Rd.
Pepper Road2
Pheasant Run Road6
Pioneer Road1Nine mi. of pavement, local collector road-Slater
Pleasant Valley Road2Collector road, heavy local traffic, many residences
Plenty Rocks Terrace6
Preuit Road1Local Collector, very high traffic volume
Quarry Road1Connector road, Guernsey area
Rainbow Road2
Range Road3Now thru from Windmill to Meeker, little use
Rattlesnake Road2One-half mile, to hog farm
Rawhide Trail2New Residences, off NW corner of Bluffview Rd.
Red Fox Road1Local Collector, heavy traffic
Reservoir Road2E-W connector for Wheatland Flats
Reservoir Drive6
Richeau Road1,2Paved first mi., then gravel; ranch traffic
0.0 to 0.9 paved, 0.9 to 7.0 (end) gravel
Rick Road6Rick Tracts Subdivision road, connects to Kindom
Ridge Road2Main collector for Glendo area, I-25 to county line
Ringneck Road2Farm and power plant traffic
Riverview Road2Connector road, Wheatland flats
Rock Lake Road2Local Connector road
Rompoon Road1
Roscoe Road6
Sawmill Road2
Sentinal Rock Road3Ranch traffic, one residence; N from Meadowdale Rd.
Shadow Lane6
Sheep Mountain Road6Laramie Peak Ranch Subdivision, several residences
Skyline Drive6Guernsey State Park road
Slater Road6/2WYDOT, then 2 mi. of county gravel, to E. county line
0.0 to 8.5 WYDOT, 8.5 to 11.4 (co. line) co. gravel
Small Road6Private ranch road
Snook Road3S of Wheatland, E. of I-25, very light traffic volume
S. Antelope Creek Road2Ranch Traffic, terminates in yard 6 mi. from I-25
S. Baker Road2Chugwater flats
S. Buckskin Road2‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
S. Chugwater Hwy6WYDOT, parallels I-25
S. CS Road2Chugwater flats, local farmers and ranchers
S. County Line Road2Maintained by Goshen County, not Platte County
S. Ferguson Road3S side of 34, ¾ mile, light traffic volume
South Gap Road2High Volume of traffic, ranch, farm, hog farm
S. Glendo Hwy6WYDOT
S. Goertz Road4Local wheat farm, cattle operation use only
S. Guernsey Road1Considerable traffic, farm, ranch, power plant,etc.
S. Meeker Road2Light use, local farms
S. Moon Road2Connector Road, Slater flats
S. Pioneer Road4One residence, little use, is co. easement
S. Wheatland Hwy.6WYDOT
Swan Road2Ranch traffic, E. from Dickinson Hill Rd. to co. line
Swanson Road2A few hundred yards, runs W from exit 80, I-25
Sybille Creek Road2Main connector road, W side of Wheatland flats
TY Basin Road2Local collector road, N of Chugwater, terminates
Tank Farm Road1Heavy truck traffic; S of Guernsey
Tunnel Road1Local collector, ranch and mountain traffic
Van Ortwick Hill Road3Light traffic, ranches, from Fletcher Park Rd. to co. line
Warren Road4No traffic, S of Lone Tree Road, farm country
Washington Road1,2Local Connector, W mi. paved, heavy traffic
0.0 to 3.8 gravel, 3.8 to 4.8 paved
Weber Road2
Wedemeyer Road3Little traffic, terminates as ranch driveway
Wendover Road2Heavy ranch and RR traffic, collector for Guernsey area
West Drive6Lakeview North Subdivision, off of Riverview Road
W. Fairview Road1Local collector, heavy traffic
W. Frontage Road6WYDOT
W. Hitt Road4No traffic other than wheat farms
W. Johnson Road2Collector for ranches, I-25 exit 87 going west
W. Laramie River Road6County easement currently in question
W. Wood Road6Private road, Slater flats
Westview Circle6Subdivision road
Whalen Canyon Road2Collector from ranches to Guernsey area
White Rock Trace3Question whether private or county road
Winchester Road6Subdivision, S of Guernsey
Windmill Road3Connector, no winter maintenance, SE of Chugwater
Y O Ranch Road1Major collector, subdivision, farms, landfill traffic