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County Road Classifications Categories

County Road Classifications Categories Printer Friendly Copy

Category One-- Paved road with high traffic volume. High priority for signage, repairs, and snow removal. Also, would be priority for any future improvements.

Category Two-- Good quality gravel-surfaced road. Well-drained and signed, with high traffic volume. May be main artery, connector road or local collector. High priorty for grading, snow removal, and future improvements.

Category Three-- Lower-quality road with some gravel surfacing. Not a priority, and less frequently maintained. Much lower volume of traffic. May terminate rather than connect to other public roads.

Category Four--- Unimproved two-track or trail. Historically has had little or no work done by county, but is on a county easement. No maintenance or snow removal. Any work on it would be by prior approval of Road and Bridge Dept. Superintendent. Would not be considered for improvements, without significant change of circumstances.

Category Five--- Road exists only on paper, having never been constructed or improved. Generally unknown as a county road, though it is on a county easement. Any work or improvements would have to be discussed and approved by Board of County Commissioners before work would start.

Category Six--- NOT a county road. May be private, a subdivision road, state highway, etc., but is not a county easement. County resources have not been used on this category of road, and any requested work or snow removal would require prior approval of the R & B superintendent, or, if not an emergency situation, by the Board of County Commissioners.