Platte County Sheriff's Office


The Sheriff’s Office covers Platte County (pop. 8,619), an area of 2,008 square miles.

Platte County, located in southeast Wyoming near the rugged Laramie Peak Range, is just a short drive away from Cheyenne or Casper and offers abundant opportunities for winter and summer activities. Numerous outdoor activities including camping, boating, golf, swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing, and hiking may be enjoyed seasonally throughout the year . The area is recognized for premiere big game hunting and abundant fishing, particularly in the quality waters of the North Platte River. The historic Oregon Trail, Register Cliff, Laramie Peak, Guernsey State Park, Glendo State Park, and Gray Rocks reservoir, are a few of the popular attractions in the area.

Platte County encompasses the towns of Chugwater, Glendo, Guernsey, Hartville, and the county seat, Wheatland. The county is home to approximately 8600 residents according to 2005 Census. Farms and ranches are still often worked by descendents of early immigrants. The communities have withstood the test of time: the ability to change and yet retain the character, vitality, and hope for the future that existed at their founding over 120 years ago.

The city of Wheatland owes its founding to irrigation and the railroad. As the railroad pushed northward, it's route constantly changed. Originally the town was to be called Sybille Colony after nearby Sybille Creek. It was also once referred to as "Wheatfield" when the town site was located near Rock Lake. The location of present-day Wheatland was finalized in 1887 and marked by a one room frame building.

Clyde Harris, Platte County Sheriff has been in office since 2015. Clyde and his wife Roxanne and daughter Caitlin have been longtime residents of Platte County. Sheriff Harris was born and raised on a farm just east and south of Wheatland. Sheriff Harris and Roxanne own and manage a ranch in west Platte County. Sheriff Harris was a Deputy Sheriff for Platte County, Detention Administrator Platte County, and worked for Wheatland Police department. Sheriff Harris was also a Deputy with Albany County Sheriff office for over 8 years. Sheriff Harris is honored to serve the community he grew up in and to Protect and Serve the great people of Platte County.

By providing committed leadership and teamwork, the quality of all services provided to the people of Platte County are maintained at the highest possible level.