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Budget & Audit


County budgets are governed by the Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures under Wyoming State Statutes §16-4-101 through §16-4-125. Under W.S.S. §16-4-102(v), the County Clerk is designated as the budget officer for their respective county. Every department and every group requesting funding from the County are required to submit their requests to the County Clerk on, or before, May 1st. After receiving those requests the Clerk is required to prepare a budget to be reviewed by the Commissioners on, or before, May 15th. The Commissioners will then amend the budget in the best interest of the County and review that budget at a public meeting on, or before, the third Monday in July. The public is encouraged to attend this public hearing for the purposes of understanding the County's budget!

Pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §39-13-104(b)(i), counties are authorized to assess upon taxable value of property a maximum of 12 mills. Platte County currently assess all 12 mills in order to fund county operations. A portion of those mills have been dedicated by the Commissioners to the County Fair and the County Library. For more information about how Platte County's 12 mills have been appropriated please see the County Budget below. For more information about taxation please visit the Assessor's office.


Each year, the County undergoes a financial audit to ensure the County's money is accounted for. Below are copies of the County's financial audits.