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Vehicle Titles

About Vehicle Titles:

Motor Vehicle Titles play a very important role in the County Clerk's Office. We issue Certificates of Title more frequently than any other service we provide to the public. We work hand-in-hand with the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to make sure titles are done accurately and in accordance with Wyoming State Statutes §31-2-101 through §31-2-802. Effective January 1, 2020 Wyoming State Statute will effect how titles are issued. Please read this Important Notice for a brief explanation of legislative changes and how they effect Wyoming titles. More information can be found by reading the "Who has to sign as a seller?" FAQ.

Note: Before any motor vehicle title may be transferred, sales tax must be paid to the Platte County Treasurer pursuant to W.S.S. §31-2-103(d).

A Few Rules for Transferring a Wyoming Title:

  • According to Wyoming Law, all Wyoming Titles must be signed and notarized by each person named as "owner" on the front of the title
  • Before a title is signed, and notarized, by the "Seller" the name of the "Purchaser" must be written on the back of the title in the first box called, "Assignment of Ownership" 
  • All liens on the title must be released or accompanied by a Termination Statement (lien release) before the title can be transferred

A Few Rules for Transferring an Out-of-State Title:

  • Every state has its own set of laws when it comes to titles. The Platte County Clerk's Office, however, will accept any out-of-state title as long as it is executed according to the laws of the transferring state
  • Unless the vehicle was purchased from a Wyoming dealership, every out-of-state title must be accompanied by a completed VIN inspection form 
  • Most out-of-state titles require that the "Seller's" signature be notarized. If there is a place for a notary, it is required by our office
  • All liens on the title must be released or accompanied by a Termination Statement (lien release) before the title can be transferred

Storage Liens:

  • In order to file or foreclose a Storage Lien please use this Storage lien packet
  • Any person is entitled to a lien on titled property when they repaired, towed or stored titled property and the owner of the property does not pay the amount due for those services. 
  • For tow companies, this includes vehicles towed from the scene of a crash or arrest. For vehicles involved in a crash or arrest, the owner of the property is responsible for paying all costs associated with the tow and storage of that vehicle, not the law enforcement agency requesting the vehicle be towed.
  • Vehicles that were left on your property without your consent are considered abandoned vehicles – if this description fits the circumstance you are facing, stop this process and continue with the Abandoned Vehicle process. 

For more information about duplicate titles, VIN inspections, branded titles, ORVs, MPVs, or Liens/UCCs please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)