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You can research property tax information online, or you can download the entire tax database below.

Tax Database

Our tax information is available for download here. You must have Microsoft Access software on your computer in order to open the file.

Click the link for the tax year you are researching, then click "save" to download the file. Once it is downloaded, you can open it directly from your machine.

2023 Platte County Wyoming Tax Roll

Click here for a complete table description document

The columns in the tax table are as follows:

  • RecordID - A bill reference # that is unique in the database - begins with 4 digit tax year, then filler zeroes, ending in SEQ #
  • SEQ - The unique bill reference # that changes every year, required for electronic payments
  • Account - Assessor assigned account #, starts with an alpha letter, follows the property from year to year
  • ParID - May not be a unique #, can only be used for further reference for electronic payments
  • District - The district of the property determines what mill levy is charged for tax assessment
  • PrevAcct - Prior years bill #, blank in 2008 but will be populated in 2009, used for history research
  • RealValue - Assessed value of all real property (land)
  • ImprValue - Assessed value of all improvements (buildings, mobile homes, sheds, barns)
  • PersValue - Assessed value of all personal property (tools, machinery and other equipment)
  • Vets - This is a deduction for qualifying veterans - taken off the total value prior to mill levy being applied
  • TotalValue - This is a sum of the RealValue plus ImprValue plus PersValue minus Vets
  • Levy - Based on property location, sum of all levies charged for that property, 70.3 = $0.073 charged for $1 of TotalValue
  • GeneralTax - Total tax for calendar year = TotalValue multiplied by Levy divided by 1,000
  • SpAmt1 - This is either an irrigation tax or a street assessment tax
  • SpCode1 - 11 = Irrigation assessment 20 = YO Street Assessment
  • SpAmt2 - May be used in the future if we add another special assessment
  • SpCode2 - May be used in the future if we add another special assessment
  • SpAmt3 - May be used in the future if we add another special assessment
  • SpCode3 - May be used in the future if we add another special assessment
  • TotalTax - This equals the GeneralTax except for irrigation or YO Assessment then this field equals SpAmt1
  • Name - Property owner as of January 1st of the calendar year that the taxes are being billed for, no commas separating name
  • Name2 - Additional Owner field as well as name of those buying on contract
  • Addr1 - Mailing address where tax bill is being sent
  • Addr2 - Mailing address where tax bill is being sent - used when Addr1 is being used for addtl owner information
  • Addr3 - City, State, and Zip Code where the tax bill is being sent
  • Legal1 - An abbreviated legal description - left blank on personal property and state assessed property
  • Legal2 -
  • Legal3 -
  • propaddr - Street address of the property or location of the mobile home as assigned by the Assessor's Office
  • CPNumber - Indicates there was past due taxes on the property, if there is no CRNumber, delinquency is outstanding
  • CPCode - Notes whether it is yearly, personal, or individual
  • CRNumber - Indicates that the past due taxes have been paid
  • Comment - Internal comments from the County Treasurer's Office
  • BillStatus - If the field has a "C", the bill has been cancelled and will not be collected for this calendar year.
  • RefundDate -
  • Refund -
  • RefundCk -
  • MaintDate - Changes each time the record is changed whether for payment, add a comment, or cancel
  • PdFlag1 - 1 indicates the 1st installment has been paid either by owner, agent or CP holder. Check for CPCode & CRNumber
  • PdFlag2 - 1 indicates the 2nd installment has been paid either by owner, agent or CP holder. Check for CPCode & CRNumber
  • TaxYear - Calendar year for which the taxes were billed

Electronic Tax Payment File Set Up

To post payments electronically, the input file must be in Microsoft Access format. The database may have any name, but it's suggested that it have a descriptive name for ease of use.

The table within the database must be named "pay" and must contain the following six fields:

  1. LenderName - text field
  2. Lender - long integer field designating the lender number
  3. Loan - single precision field designating the loan number
  4. PARID - double precision field designating the parcel ID
  5. SEQ - long integer field designating the bill number *REQUIRED
  6. Amount - currency field designating the payment amount *REQUIRED

The amount field must have any decimal in place - example $101.55 should be shown as 101.55, not 10155.

Once the final record in the input file has processed, if there are any rejected payments, you will receive a report that will show the bill number, parcel number, lender, loan number, amount rejected and the reason for rejection.

Email the file to

You may mail the check to our office, or you can wire the monies to our bank. Call us at 322-2092 for routing and account information.

Mailing Address:
Platte County Treasurer
PO Box 1147
Wheatland, WY 82201

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