Reserved Plates

New Series Reserved 2025

New Series License Plates & Reserved Numbers Info

Every eight years Wyoming has new issue or a new “series” of license plates. That means the background picture and/or colors on the plate are different from the current license plates series.


               2009-2016 Teton Series                                                       2017-2025 Green Lake Series

Each county in the state has the option to save or hold back a sequence of numbers as “reserved”. These designated numbers are held for the current possessor of that reserved number. Those people get first choice of keeping the same number for the new license plate series.

In Platte County your license number is “reserved” IF the number you currently have is one of the following:

Note: During the changeover from the 2017 to the 2025 series, it is possible that a nonreserved number (i.e. passenger #8501 or truck #6750) may be registered to two different vehicles and two different owners at the same time. Both plates are legal because one is the 2017 Green Lake Series and one is the new 2025 series. The reserved and non-reserved plates for the new 2025 series will be available for those vehicles that are registered for January 2026 or after. The reserved numbers will be held for the full year of 2025, specifically through Dec. 31, 2025. 

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