License Plates

License Plates


Upon receipt of an approved application, the applicant shall be issued a certificate of registration and license plate(s) or validation sticker(s) according to the registration type. The following registration types receive only one plate or sticker:

  • motorcycles
  • trailers
  • multipurpose vehicles
  • vehicles operated with demo or full use plates.

All other registration types will receive two plates or stickers. The license plates and/or stickers must be changed or validated annually.

License plate design

Wyoming law requires the use of the county number on the far left of the plate and the bucking horse and rider emblem immediately following for most plate types. Dealer plates and trailer plates have specific exemptions from this requirement.

Farm stickers

Farmers or ranchers who use trucks and trailers to transport livestock, feed or unprocessed agricultural products owned and produced by them from the place of production to market, or from a supplier to their farm or ranch for their sole use and not for sale, may be issued a sticker designating "Farm".  The purpose of the stickers is to identify farm vehicles used only in internal operations and not for hire when crossing state lines. These stickers are more prevalent in counties that border other states.

Display of plates

License plates are required to be securely fastened to the vehicle and displayed to be plainly visible. All vehicles designed to display two plates must have one each on both the front and rear of the vehicle. The law further requires that the plate be attached in a horizontal position at least 12 inches above the ground and that it be maintained free of debris to make it clearly visible.

Temporary Decals

Certain temporary workers in Wyoming may choose to receive a temporary decal from a Wyoming county treasurer in lieu of a registration. To qualify for the decal, the temporary worker must be employed in the state for 90 days or less and have a valid registration or license plate from another jurisdiction and current insurance.

The temporary decal is an alternative to a temporary registration allowed under 31-2-206(m). The applicant will pay $50.00 per 30 day period – with a choice of 30, 60, or 90 days and the fee will be credited to the county general fund. No one may receive more than one decal in any twelve month period.

Reserved Plates

Reserved plates offer registrants the opportunity to receive the same license plate number in future plate issues that they have from the current issue.

Each county treasurer determines the number of reserved plates by plate type for his or her own county, subject only to the statutory requirement that the number cannot exceed 9,999 for any single plate type. At the treasurer's discretion, the number for each plate type could be zero or it could be 9,999. The treasurer may select a different number for each plate type. Click here for a listing of Platte County's reserved numbers for the 2025 plate series.

The law requires that the application for the plate be made to the treasurer by the last day of the annual registration month for the plate. The problem lies with plates that may have been renewed or transferred in a different county. If a plate was renewed for several years in another county, it may not continue to have the same expiration date that it had when first issued. The treasurer may have no way of knowing the new expiration date or even if the registrant will want to continue to receive the plate number.

In practice, to meet the spirit of the law, reserved plates are held by the treasurer the entire year during a new plate year. After December 31 of the plate issue year, it is impossible for an application to be received by the last day of the annual registration month, even if renewed or transferred in another county.

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